Dem Rep. Says Iranian ‘Death to America’ Chants Could Be Read in ‘a Couple of Ways’

“Death to America” may seem to be a pretty clear message from an Iranian crowd and ayatollah Khameini, but Representative Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) says there are “a couple of ways” to interpret the chant.

Appearing on MSNBC this weekend, Schiff was asked about a recent parade in Iran, featuring new weapons driven on trucks that had signs reading “Death to Israel,” as well as chants of “Death to America.” The representative explained that Iranians are “actually quite pro-Western” despite the “bitterly anti-American” regime, and that the signs and chants were just to appease “a conservative audience” that opposes the U.S.

While he went on to note that the ayatollah said “Yes, of course, death to America” in response to the crowd’s chant, Schiff cautioned against taking that statement at face-value…