Councillor tells Muslims who don’t like the Australian way of life to go back to where they came from

A LOGAN City councillor has urged her colleagues to ensure their personal security after they condemned Islamic extremism en masse and called for Australians to stand up for their rights during a full meeting of council yesterday.

One after the other, councillors joined an anti-extremism chorus demanding the Federal Government do something now before the atrocities committed by ISIS overseas were seen being carried out in Australia.

Canada needs politicians like this. Not the mealy mouthed vote whores currently on the public teat.


  • winniec

    If the Libtards are vote whores, Justin is the ‘madam’.

  • The Goat

    One tried to the other day in Edmonton and booted out of his party.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Knew we we’re in trouble when they first stated immigrating enmasse. The fools and the gutless kept telling and are still telling. Islam is a religion (cult) of peace?