Boat people: We must reclaim Europe’s borders to stop such tragedies repeating themselves

The deaths of up to 1,000 EU-bound migrants at the weekend has focused minds on the appalling human tragedy unfolding in the Mediterranean.

The Italians have rescued 13,000 people in the past week alone, while Italy has accommodated 31,000 refugees since the start of this year. How on earth has it come to this?

The fact is that the Western-backed overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi from power in Libya in October 2011, without ensuring a stable replacement regime, was a monumental mistake…

…Today, there is no effective navy to patrol the country’s Mediterranean borders, nor any immigration service to safeguard its frontiers on land…

  • Icebow

    Australia has shown how to deal with it.

  • Raymond Cameron

    The real tragedy is the invasion of Europe.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As long as the EU’s elites are more interested in looking good to each other and screwing the peasantry than in doing what is right, these things will continue.