UK Islamists Lay Down the Law

“…Faux moderate Muslims like the Muslim Council of Britain (which is the UK’s CAIR) keep on telling us that Islam and politics are utterly separate. It often says, for example, that “Islam isn’t the same as Islamism”. Yet Islam itself has always been political in that sharia law is at the heart of Islam and sharia law covers all aspects of life: from the private to the political (e.g., to the nature of an Islamic state/government).

And, above and beyond (basic) Islam and sharia law, there’s also the explicit politics of what the MCB is doing here. The MCB is basically telling British Muslims — as all Islamists do — to become political Muslims. The MCB is telling British Muslims that Islam should be at the heart of their politics. In this, it is taking the same position as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and the Morsi regime in Egypt before it was overthrown.

What better definition of Islamism could you possibly want?”