Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Mohammad Saeed blames ‘Jewish lobby’ for Yemen crisis

PESHAWAR: Jamat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed on Sunday accused the US and the ‘Jewish lobby’ of portraying the ongoing crisis in Yemen as a conflict between two major religious schools of thoughts.

“The war in Yemen is neither a Shia-Sunni dispute nor a conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia. In fact the US and Jewish lobby are trying to depict the conflict a war between two sectarian groups,” he said while speaking at a ‘Pasban Harmain Sharifain Conference’ here on Sunday…

…Without naming Iran, Hafiz Saeed said that a regional power, which was dubbing the US a ‘Great Satan’ and calling for the liberation of Baitul Maqdis from Israel, ‘was going to sign a nuclear treaty with it’. He said that ulema could play major role in educating people about what he said the new game plan in the Middle East.

“We urge this regional power to stay away from making friendship with the US and become part of the Ummah,” he said, and alleged that America and its allies were hatching conspiracies to encircle Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and start proxy war there…

Wiki entry on him is here. It documents his terrorist designation. Just another speaker in Pakistan.

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    According to Wiki, he chats with the NYTimes, so he cannot be all bad.


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