Isis ‘How to survive in the West’ Mujahid terror guide circulating online

A new and comprehensive manual by Islamic State (Isis) manual has surfaced on social media websites.

The 70-page handbook covers a range of topics to target people living in Western societies. It appears to have been created to aid Isis supporters planning “lone-wolf” terrorist attacks.

IBTimes UK has taken the decision not to publish the name of the ebook.

(Ed. I however have elected to both publish the guide’s name, ‘How to survive in the West’, as well as a copy of the manual which you can access at the link below. I believe in knowing your enemy and in making this information public. Besides it took me all of 5 minutes searching to locate and download a copy. It ain’t exactly a state secret)

The ebook covers a range of topics including hiding an extremist beliefs and identity, disguise, earning money, how to secure internet privacy, communications, making allies and training.

It describes itself as “a guide for Muslims who are living in a majority non-Muslim land, or a country where the rulers are harsh towards the believers… It will teach you how to be a secret agent who lives a double life.”

From the foreword…  It’s all our fault!

A real war is heating up in the heart of Europe. Many Muslims are putting alot of effort into showing the world that we are peaceful citizens, we’re spending thousands of Euros to do Da’wah (invitation to Islam) campaigns to show how good we are in society, but we’re miserably failing. The leaders of disbelief repeatedly lie in the media and say that we Muslims are all terrorists, while we denied it and wanted to be peaceful citizens. But they have cornered us and forced us into becoming radicalised, and that will be the cause of their defeat and be the cause for the conquest of Rome.

The people who own the media have had Europe and the Western world as their stronghold for over 1000 years, they do not want Islam to rise in their stronghold. They want to keep their authority, their adultery, wine and money and do not want to lose it. So they are doing a multibillion dollar media campaign to stop the Islamic State in the Middle East, and a multibillion dollar media campaign to stop the rise of real Islam in the West. All the major alcohol, gambling and haraam companies are funding this project because if Islam rises in the West, they will lose everything. It is a matter of life or death for both, only one will survive. Allah (God)’s last Messenger Muhammad (peace be on him) promised us we will win and finally take over Europe’s capital – Rome, but only after we have taken Persia (Iran).

ISIS – How to survive in the west