Horowitz responds to UNC dispute: MSA and SJP ‘creatures of the Muslim Brotherhood’

Students for Justice in Palestine and other students held signs in protest outside Seeley G. Mudd on Wednesday. The group was protesting an event sponsored by University of Southern California College Republicans, featuring conservative speaker David Horowitz. Source.

A recent speech by conservative activist David Horowitz at the University of North Carolina prompted controversy and outrage, with some students claiming he accused Muslim student organizations of having ties to terror.

In particular, some in the audience interpreted his comments to suggest that the Muslim Student Association at UNC has such connections.

Horowitz, in an interview Friday with The College Fix, said that’s simply not true.

“That is not what I said,” he said. “What I said is that MSA [Muslim Student Associations] and SJP [Students for Justice in Palestine] are both creatures of the Muslim Brotherhood. There’s no question about that.”

“You don’t see these organizations condemning terrorism or the oppression of Palestinians by Hamas,” he added. “I pointed out that the MSA is a recruitment organization. They watch for students with political potential and then those are the students that get recruited.”

Horowitz voiced frustration at the manufactured outrage at UNC, where Muslim students have created a “NotSafeUNC” campaign in the wake of his visit that alleges they feel “unsafe.” He described his speech as “very civil” with “no heckling”…

There is a whole Tumblr site for #NotSafeUNC (and it contains an entry for this event).

David Horowitz runs the site Frontpage Mag.


  • winniec

    It isn’t racism when Arabs do it!

  • Thinking From First Principles

    This messaging is being used against those who oppose Islam because there is universal agreement that ‘racism is bad.’ Therefore it is to their advantage to describe Islam as a ‘race’ and paint those who oppose Islam as ‘racist.’
    This needs to be turned on its head by our own clever messaging. At every counter-jihad and PEGIDA demonstration there need to be signs that boldly declare:
    “Islam is a racist ideology. (Quote Quran 48:29)”
    “If Muslim is a race then so is non-Muslim”
    “Why does Quran 48:29 command Muslims to be racist against non-Muslims?”
    “You cannot oppose racism without opposing Islam”
    “End the immigration of Islamic racism into free societies.”
    “Zero tolerance for Islamic racism. Any non-Muslim is equal to any Muslim.”
    It does us no good to say ‘we are against Islam’ because that just comes across as being close-mined. State clearly the specific and universally accepted values that Islam violates.