Escaped Islamic State Wives In Hiding In Turkey

Al Khansa Brigade. Source.

Two former members of Islamic State’s elite women’s police unit, known as al Khansa Brigade, who were married off to foreign fighters are now in hiding.

The women escaped the Syrian city Raqqa, an IS stronghold, and were smuggled to southern Turkey earlier this year. They are afraid IS fighters will find them.

Doaa (not her real name), 20, left Syria after her Saudi Arabian husband, an IS fighter, blew himself up in a suicide attack.

She has told Sky News she grew to love her husband and he convinced her that life in the so-called Islamic State was the right path…

  • Ed

    Only a fool would believe a single solitary thing they say about anything, including the weather.

  • eMan14

    “They are afraid IS fighters will find them.”
    How would they know what they looked like? In public that is.
    No sympathy for these people. None.