Canada’s Contribution To The Islamic State’s Mosaic Of Diversity Soars By 50% Over Past Few Months!

Number of Canadian extremist fighters abroad up 50 per cent, spymaster says

The number of Canadians travelling to Iraq and Syria to join ISIL and other extremist fighters has soared by about 50 per cent over just the past few months, Canada’s spymaster told parliamentarians Monday.

“The terrorist threat to Canada’s national security interests has never been as direct or immediate,” Michel Columbe, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) told the Senate national security committee, which is now holding hearings on the C-51 security bill.

“Quite frankly, the scope of the threat, the speed of change, and the ease with which people engaged in threat-related activity connect means we no longer have the luxury of time to contemplate our response,” said Coulombe. “The phenomenon will still be with us 10 years from now.”