Camp Jihad: Slushies, Fairground Rides, And Shari’a Law

What could be more fun for children than a camp with fairground rides, kebabs, slushies — and lectures about jihad?

A new video released on April 20 by Islamic State (IS) shows the group using child militants to indoctrinate their peers at a daw’ah or outreach camp in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

The video, titled Daw’ah Caravan for the Cubs of the Caliphate, shows a group of children, including at least two in wheelchairs, looking on as a militant lectures them about Islam and jihad. Most of the children in the audience are boys, though in one shot a young girl in a hijab can be seen.

Armed “guards” — young teen boys carrying guns — stand in front of the crowd of children.

You can watch the video here.

PS. Am off to the Mark Harding Memorial back soon.