Blacklisted Russian deputy PM angers Norway with Arctic visit

The Svalbard archipelago also seems to attract tourists: this photo is aimed to sell cruises.

Oslo (AFP) – Norway said Sunday it was angry that Russia’s deputy prime minister visited its Arctic Svalbard archipelago this weekend even though he is banned from Norwegian territory over Russia’s role in the Ukraine conflict.

“We are not too happy about it,” Norwegian foreign ministry spokesman Rune Bjastad told AFP.

Dmitry Rogozin landed in Svalbard on Saturday and promptly used Twitter to announce his arrival.

“North Pole. Our Station-2015. Anniversary of the ‘Battle on the Ice’ on Lake Chudskoe. But it’s all quiet & as planned,” wrote the Russian deputy prime minister.

Rogozin is among around 150 Russians and Ukrainians placed under an EU travel ban. Norway is not a member of the EU but has aligned itself with the bloc’s sanctions against Russia.

Although Svalbard falls under Norwegian sovereignty, access to the archipelago is governed under a separate international treaty which allows everyone access…