The EU’s asylum policy is to blame for the tragedy unfolding in the Mediterranean

“…The Dublin Regulation, central to the EU’s asylum and migration policy, is at the heart of this catastrophe, stipulating that the country of first arrival must take responsibility for the asylum claim. The inanity of this regulation comes into focus when you consider the Schengen open-border agreement and its implication in this context. For if Schengen did not exist, if it was not so easy to travel across Europe unnoticed and migrants would not be arriving in such swarms. The migrants are told that once they reach Italy, Europe is open to them.”

  • Martin B

    It’s as if not a single EUnuch ever looked at a map of the Mediterranean and thought about it for a few seconds.

  • Censored_often

    Welcome to the EAC: The Eurabian African Community. *sigh*

    I actually remember a day and age when Europe was a desirable tourist destination for a North American.

    • BillyHW

      Now they can do rape tourism.

  • Dana Garcia

    If you invite them to the welfare office, they will come. Millions of them.

  • David Murrell

    This is the point I was making on the previous BCF post on this: it’s the liberal EU policies working hand-in-hand with the criminal people smugglers, and the migrants themselves, who are to blame.