Teacher Student Relations In China

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    More vibrancy please!
    Is this kind of nonsense worth a new, but reasonably priced, dim sum restaurant?

    • They’re gonna own our towns.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        …and beat your children and run them over in the street and walk on by as they bleed out on the sidewalk over the next hour.

        There is so much about the Chinese people that we really do not want imported over here, no matter how much stolen money they bring with them.

        • Tell that to Vancouver.

        • Justin St.Denis

          I saw a LOT WORSE in Saudi Arabia when I visited years ago. And I have seen worse right here in Ontario, on Manitoulin Island. Our “noble Native population” have enjoyed the benefits of a very misleading PR campaign for centuries now. Virtually any reserve in Canada can yield up atrocities unseen anywhere else. And it continues in the name of “respect” for their “cultural autonomy”.

      • Justin St.Denis

        BCF, hat tip. Check out Maple Leaf School in west-end Toronto. Every class is a war zone like this. MLS has a significant Somali presence, and Somali kids are at war with everyone. The Caribbean kids are nascent gangbangers, and the other assorted varieties of muslims nit-pick each other and everyone else to distraction. Parents routinely threaten violence to the largely female administration (muslim daddies have no use for female principals are are not shy to tell them so). Learning is secondary at Maple Leaf School. Priority One is getting through the day alive if you are a caucasian female unfortunate enough to be on staff there (most cannot tolerate more than a year, Staff turnover is high, including principals. Look back over 20 years, MPS has been a “gateway disaster” for as long as anyone working at the TDSB can remember).

        And untold Toronto horror story and multi-institutional cover-up, since the TDSB a and social service agencies MUST be aware of what a nightmare this place is.

        • Send these little snowflakes to Yemen or Syria. If combat is what they like, combat they shall have. Tell them their families’ welfare cheques depend on their fighting against ISIS or Houthi or whatever brand of crazy pops up.

    • Teachers in east Asia can be strict or – like that teacher- quite rough. That is not always the case but it is very troubling.

      It looked like that kid went off on the teacher and he followed suit.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Maybe you are right; I’m quite sure you probibly are.
        It just seems that China seems to becoming the “Florida” of Asia. Unfortunately Florida’s lead in “face eating urban-cannibals” assures their leadership in the WTF arms race.

        • I think we are due for some kind apocalyptic event and it will probably come from China.

  • BillyHW

    She answered July 14.

  • One thing I know Chinese (and other Asian) students are absolutely notorious for is trying to bribe teachers/profs.

    Arabs cheat. Asians bribe.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      And Indians can do both!
      I guess they are versatile like that.

    • Justin St.Denis

      South-Asians (I.e. India) bribe, threaten and frequently kill university professors and administrators in their quest for marks/degrees. And cheating is literally accepted as “part of the examination process”. This is why Indian university degrees are so hard to accept by many professional CANADIAN bodies. It isn’t “racism” so much as distrust of a known-to-be extremely corrupt post-secondary educational system.

      This also holds true for university diplomas from other countries.

      I found myself filing a complaint against a “doctor” about 25 years ago when we first relocated to Ontario after my military commitments had been fulfilled. This south-Asian “doctor” started to manipulate/handle my junk in a most peculiar way. “What are you doing?” I demanded. “Oh, I must needs to get a ‘sample’ for health analysis at medical lab,” he lied outright. I got up, left and filed a complaint with the CPSO the next day. Turns out I was part of a “pattern” this new immigrant doc had been setting. About three years later, his licence was revoked for sexual misconduct as well as medical misconduct and incompetence. Ever since then, I stay away from south Asian doctors unless the degrees I see on the wall on from a Canadian, American or European university that I recognize. I have found. Easten European medical people to be among the most competent and professional. I can’t even pronounce my gorgeous lady dentist’s name, but she helped me over a lifelong fear of dental appointments. She’s maybe 34 years old, BTW!

  • ntt1

    actually it would be nice to see more strict enforcement of rules in our classes .As it is a few privileged minority groups can tree the entire class with bad behaviour. Luckily in Squamish, anyway most of that group never make it past grade 10 despite being paid to stay in school.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I attended a school that had about 60% native enrolment. All I remember about school was the bullying, and the violence and destruction native kids brought to the classroom. Thank God my mother had a clue and taught us every evening what the teachers didn’t get a chance to in the classroom that day. I would venture that about 15 % of the native kids died somewhere (‘mishaps’ happen a LOT on reserves. We never actually learn the details) between grade 1 and grade 9, when most native kids dropped out. About half the native girls got pregnant while in school, and a lot got raped on reserve. Long story short (and not particularly unique u dear the circumstances), we do not hold HS reunions because so few actually graduated. Almost no native kids graduated back then. And within a decade of dropping out of school, a good 20% of those native kids died due to violence, drug abuse, alcohol abuse yadayadayada. My story is common among caucasian kids who were raised near a large reserve or in Canada’s northern communities.

      • ntt1

        we are near two and that is exactly the pattern we see here, year after year.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Some things never change. My HS years ended over 40 years ago. My niece, against my advice, accepted a teaching job on the Mistassini Reserve in Northern Quebec (natives in Quebec only speak English, albeit badly, to piss off the Québécois who shower them with tax dollars to no avail). My niece lasted precisely seven months before she returned a nervous wreck, thin and with a scar across her back from being stabbed by 14-year-old natuve girl in her classroom during school hours.

          Some things will NEVERTHELESS change so long as we keep pretending there is such a thing as native culture. There isn’t. Most of what they claim as their culture they pilfered from Hollywood movies, whose costume shops rent out “Indian Headdresses” to native “Chiefs” every year for their “pow-wow” or assemblies. Most or all of native culture was borrowed from FICTION by white Europeans. I remember attending a native event in northern Ontario and having to explain to the local Cree Chief that his exhibit needed to be altered since Cree never historically used teepees which were all over his band’s display. He looked at me blankly as said (I kid you not) “They do in all the movies!”

          I rest my case.

          • ntt1

            our local Indians had no alphabet among many other cultural shortcomings , so when progressives started pushing for recognitions of old indian place names the Indians found the sprecken or low Dutch to be closest to how they remembered words being sounded out. as a result all BC place names are now marked in complete gibberish interspersed with numbers to denote glottal stops . madness.

          • Justin St.Denis

            No alphabet and no wheel. And virtually no agriculture. Flint arrowheads. All the trappings of the Stone Age with the added ZING of an accessorizing “culture” rooted in caucasian guilt and refusal to call a spade a spade.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Ah so, make mistake.