Somaliland: The EU should know that, the penal law of Islam is above all man-made constitutions

The Port of Berbera, Somaliland. Wikimedia Commons.

The European Union should know that, the penal law of Islam is above all man-made constitutions throughout the world and been religious mandatory, Somaliland people will not bow down had any influential power like EU insert pressure us.

To the attention of EU Special Envoy to Somalia and Somaliland, Ambassador Michele Cervone d’Urso

Mr.Ambassador, please be informed we treat and consider in line with our glorious religion that the execution that took place with the regard the six murders is called Qisas and not execution of six prisoners as you described.

In reality your comments was a violation against sovereign nation which is not acceptable to the entire Somaliland people.

Certainly, had any similar crimes committed by murders, they will end up with same fate. Mr. Ambassador, our religion is [not] subject to amendments to suit your requirement since it is a divine directives from God.

Somaliland like any nation from the international community has its rules, regulation and constitution and when it comes with the Islam issues which is divine to be obliged, it is mandatory for every Muslim to observe with regard to the cases of murders…

No idea what brought on the EU complaint. This piece from the Somaliland Press showed up in a Google alert. Main point: They are raving Islamoloons. 

(The World Factbook does not consider Somaliland to be a separate country, but part of Somalia.  Since central governance is weak in Somalia they happily consider themselves separate.)