Shorter Mona Eltahawy – Right Wing H8trs are making me and my lefty friends look bad!

I woke up to find this tripe in the Globe: Why some people consider Mona Eltahawy a dangerous woman

You say many people are “all too happy to hear how badly Muslim men treat their women,” even when their own behaviour is sexist.

“It troubles me deeply that the group that speaks the loudest about the niqab and how the niqab is misogynist is the right wing, Islamophobic, xenophobic racists. My point all along has been that it is possible to talk about misogyny within my own community and also call it out in the right-wing racist community that tries to use my words against Muslim men.”

I commented in response at the Globe, we’ll see if it lasts:

How is it that Mona can only summon her anger at those evil right wingers for speaking out on the very causes she champions when it is her brothers and feminist sisters on the left who have consistently ignored the plight of Muslim women.

Just do a google search on “western feminists ignore muslim women”

You’ll receive About “427,000 results (0.41 seconds) ”

Own it.

Note that the Globe writer did not challenge Eltahawy’s statement. That’s not at all surprising.

We’ve encountered the articles author, Denise Balkisooon before, when she was a Crack Star reporter.