Marina Nemat: Iran’s regime and IS are two sides of the same medieval coin

Dear President Barack Obama and all the leaders of the P5+1:

In August, 2014, Islamic State abducted thousands of Yazidis, monotheists whose beliefs are linked to Zoroastrianism and other ancient Mesopotamian religions. Many of the abductees were women and children. A few hundred of them have been released or escaped, but it’s believed that about 4,000 remain captive. Many women and girls have been gang raped and sold into sex slavery, and some have become pregnant, including a 9-year-old girl who is now in Germany…

…In 1982, I was arrested at the age of 16 in Tehran. I was a student activist born in a Christian family, and I didn’t like the fact that Iran’s revolutionary regime not only did not deliver any political freedoms, but also it took away the personal freedoms of Iranians. We protested, and many of my teenage friends and I were arrested. I was tortured and was forced to convert to Islam and “marry” one of my interrogators under the threat that if I didn’t, my family would be harmed. My so-called husband, Ali, raped me over and over again. I became pregnant at 17, but I miscarried.

…Do you see the similarities between the experiences of the Yazidi girls and mine?