If this is cosmetic surgery under Sharia law…

Honour attack: Dad chops off daughter’s lover’s nose and ears

A young man from Zahirpir area in Pakistan had his nose and ears brutally chopped off by his alleged lover’s dad, reported ‘Nation’.

The elderly man along with two of his friends confronted the victim while he was on his way to a restaurant and forced him to a secluded area.

The three then chopped of his nose and both his ears with a knife

He is in hospital, while the three suspects have been arrested.

Reportedly he was attacked in the name of honour as the victim was allegedly in an ‘illicit’ relationship with the elderly man’s daughter.

  • BillyHW

    Never have I ever read about anything more honourable than this.

  • simus1

    Old muslim farts in Dumpsterstan get stabby or worse when some infatuated youngster attempts to “devalue the market value of their daughter – property”. Now he has to contend with a pissed off brother, an iffy nephew – groom, a lower bride price, and a demand for a bigger dowry.

  • tom_billesley

    Last year in Afghanistan:
    A mother and father in Afghanistan sliced off the ears and nose of a local cleric in revenge for his alleged sexual abuse of their teenage daughter.
    Abdul and Sultana Qahar, from northern Afghanistan’s Baghlan province, lured the mullah to their house with a dinner invitation, tied him up, then set about carving up his face.
    ‘I cut off his ears and nose,’ Qahar told Reuters from the regional police chief’s office, where he is under arrest. ‘I don’t know if a cat ate his ears, but his nose went down the drain.’
    I thought a cat got your tongue, not your ears

  • ntt1

    we still send foreign aid to this craphole ..why?

    • WalterBannon


  • WalterBannon

    The victim needs to defend HIS honor now. I suggest that he escalates and nukes the entire village.