How Ed Miliband lost the Jewish vote

Mass pro-Palestinian protests last summer in London.

…In less than a month’s time, this son of Holocaust refugees could become the first Jewish occupant of Downing Street since Benjamin Disraeli. Whatever your politics, it is a remarkable and affecting story. But it is a tale with a twist: Miliband’s relationship with Britain’s Jewish community is an uneasy one — and in this closely fought election the mutual distrust which now defines it may contribute to depriving him of the premiership…

…For much of the Jewish community, Miliband was a blank sheet when he was elected Labour leader. This is not altogether surprising. His parents, wrote Miliband in 2012, ‘defined themselves not by their Jewishness but by their politics’ and they brought up their boys outside the community…

…[T]he Labour leadership’s four-month silence [last summer] as anti-Semitic attacks doubled at home. ‘Only when things got really bad did they feel they had to say something,’ says one community activist. ‘It felt like it took a very long time.’ This was the hardest thing for British Jews to bear, and it made many of them confused and angry.

Instead of attempting to heal the rift, however, Miliband went on to widen it, whipping his MPs last October in support of a motion backing unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state — proposed by a Labour backbencher who the month before had compared the Israeli army to ISIS…

No doubt Labour is more concerned with the much larger Muslim vote.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    He is a JINO.

    • Jay Currie

      I like JINO.

      The British left and the left generally has lost the thread regarding Israel, Islam and Jews. Once they began drinking the Hamas Kool-Aid they no longer could see anti-Semitism. Ed is a product of that culture and, sadly, long since abandoned such Jewish roots as he has. Politics trumps a rather weak identity.

      And all those Muslim votes….

  • Hard Little Machine

    He will be the first British leader to expel the Jews since Edward I.