Have this mother and father taken their FOUR children to join ISIS? … Well We Can Hope.

A family of six – including four children aged under eight – were today reported missing from Britain as police warned they may be heading to Syria by land.

Asif Malik, 31, his partner Sara Kiran, 29, and their four children Zoha Malik, seven, Essa Malik, four, Zakariya Malik, two, and Yhaya Malik, one, were last seen in Berkshire on April 7.

The alarm was raised when some of the children failed to attend Claycots Primary School in their home town of Slough, and police broke down the family’s door on Thursday to enter their flat.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Hey, isn’t this that inter-agency ASIS/ASIO program where they use infidels disguised as husband and wife with Jewish midgets from Mossad posing as children?
    Yeah, I think I’ll start a fake jihadi account and post that lookout notice.

  • Rosenmops

    The alarm was raised when some of the children failed to attend Claycots Primary School

    No mention of the adults being missing from work. Why work when the kaffir gives out free money? I hope they cut off their benefits!

    • Millie_Woods

      Nice catch Rose.

      However your idea that they should lose their benefits won’t fly. That just makes too much sense for the English.

  • Dana Garcia

    Voluntary Islamo-quarantine works for me. The price is right.

  • WalterBannon

    Lets all hope that they all meet their doom…

  • ntt1

    there should be announcements extolling the huge future savings this horrible family have saved the Brits by going back to their islamo-sewer.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      They should be handing out one way tickets for the trip over there.

  • tom_billesley

    Daily Mail refers to “his partner Sara Kiran” and “Miss Kiran”. Is this a second wife and family, with a first wife and her kids remaining in the UK on benefits?