Greenfield: An Invasion of Refugees

The invasion is a silent and secret one. The soldiers come as refugees funneled through ratlines run by liberal churches and other pseudo-religious organizations. Tens of thousands of Muslim migrants come from conflict zones to small towns and cities across the country…

…Spartanburg’s fighting spirit is still alive and Congressman Trey Gowdy, who represents the Spartanburg area, has challenged a plan to dump migrants, including possibly Syrians, there, inquiring whether they have criminal records and what background checks have been performed on them…

…Most Americans know very little about the machinery of migration. They only notice that something is happening when their towns begin to change and their way of life begins to come apart…

  • Dana Garcia

    Obama intends to shred every American community with diversity using his “seeding” program. No backwater town will be permitted to remain free of diversity.

    • He is a monster.

      • winniec

        A Chicago civic activist promoted three levels above his competence.

      • terrence

        I know a sorta fundamentalist christian guy in the good ol’ Us of A who refers to Obama as the anti-christ in the white house. But he is pretty much right wing, too…

  • winniec

    Sharia law has the perfect way of destroying all civilizations: 1) immigrate 2) infiltrate 3) ingratiate 4) inculcate 5) insinuate 6) indoctrinate 7) instigate disharmony 8) agitate 9) exacerbate 10) exaggerate 11) instate mandatory Sharia 12) intimidate (with terrorism) and finally 13) exterminate both kafirs and their civilization

  • Peace, Knowledge

    Let me preface this post by saying something about myself:

    I’m a Native, Indigenous European. I’m also a revert to Islam.

    My journey to becoming a Muslim was a simple, linear path. I looked at Western Culture and Civilization, MY PEOPLES culture and MY PEOPLES civilization and what I saw there disgusted me.

    I knew immediately that what today is representative of modern Western Culture and Civilization was not the same thing it was 50 years ago, during my Fathers youth. It was twisted, diseased, poisoned. I took me awhile to figure out what that disease was, what had poisoned it so.

    This led me to Cultural Marxism. I traced it back to around the 60’s in the United States/North America, but even earlier in Europe. It started infiltrating every sector of society – education, entertainment, family life, Government, etc. and as it grew like a malignant cancer, it started transforming my peoples culture and civilization until it reached the apex of its growth and took complete control.

    That is what Western Culture and Civilization is today – a twisted, diseased and poisoned malignant tumor – corrupted by Cultural Marxism.

    What we have seen become of our lands and people since is nothing short of a symptom of that cancer – The demographic genocide of our people, the high rates of promiscuity of our women, the high rates of abortion of our women, the low birth-rate, the high interracial mixing/breeding of our women, the push for destruction of marriage, the push to propaganda all immoral behavior through Media, the cutting away at the social fabric of our nations, the destruction of our schools and educational centers, the self-destructive policies of our Regimes, the weakness of our men, the apathy of our people, the withdrawing from the world of our people, the massive amounts of distractions at our finger tips (games, movies, etc.) the selfish of our people, the destruction and erosion of our rights and freedoms, the attack on the right to own and bear arms, and so much more.

    It was shortly after this I came to the realization that – if Europeans continued to find themselves under this culture and civilization, then our people would be extinct. We would die out. It’s simply mathematics.

    It was about this time I became a member of the European Resistance movement. I saw what was happening to my brothers and sisters, and the worry, the rage, the anger, the hate, the sorrow – it was overwhelming. I was sounding the alarm with thousands of others about the genocide of our people, the invasion of our lands, the destruction of our culture and civilization. Nothing happened. Information spread, knowledge spread, but the further the truth spread, the tighter the Marxist held power, crushing all those who dare speak to them. I felt helpless. Powerless. I felt like a coward, a hypocrite.

    I even thought of ending my life – rather than live and see the destruction of my people, rather than live with the feelings swelling inside of me – the release would have been welcomed.

    Then I saw the cowardice of my fellow European Resistance members. They were prepared to talk about it – to a point, but never take action against it. They were all like me. When one of us finally did take action, we shamed him, derided and belittled him and distanced themselves from him. We abandoned him. We allowed him to become a tool of oppression to be waged against us by the Marxists. We continue to allow Marxist to torture him in their gulags.

    It was then that I knew – We cannot reverse the tide of this Cultural Marxist disease. Western Culture and Civilization was dead and gone. The resistance was made up of talkers, not actors. The situation has only worsened since then.

    My decision to join Islam is deeply rooted in my want to save my people. It’s the only way I can think of. Marxism has to die. It has to be destroyed, root and stem. No seedlings left. It must be obliterated in our lands.

    We lack the means to do so. We lack the courage. We lack the mentality. We lack the knowledge needed to fight back against it.

    Islam does not.

    No matter how you look at it – the future of Europe is Islam. We either embrace that, make peace with it – or we slowly die out over a few generations and give up our lands, our lives and the futures of our children.

    Understand this – everything you hate about Western Culture and Civilization today, including the invasion and the low birthrate – it is all a symptom of Marxism.

    End Marxism, and end all that. Islam can end Marxism.

  • pettifog

    Trey Gowdy, one of the best congressmen today.