As suspected… Twice as many UK jihadists as police thought, officials say

At least 1,600 Britons have travelled to the Syrian and Iraqi battlefields, more than double the number previously reported, foreign intelligence officials have claimed.

About 500 of these have returned to the UK, three well-placed foreign intelligence officials have told The Sunday Times.

“We believe that even 1,600 is a very conservative estimate because by the time we started picking up on the scale of [the] problem, a lot of the people had slipped through the gates,” said one official. “And we’re still seeing at least about five people leaving the UK for Syria and Iraq every week — and that’s not to count the ones we don’t know about.

I would not be at all surprised to hear that the number of “Canadian Jihadis” has been understated as well.


  • winniec

    Underestimates of the jihadists? But by how much?
    15% of Muslims worldwide express strong SUPPORT for terrorist groups, equaling about 200,000,000. If only ONE Muslim in a thousand SUPPORTERS is an actual JIHAD VOLUNTEER, then the number of potential jihadists worldwide is about 200,000. 20,000 is the number of ISIS…so the ration of 1: 1000 is highly conservative. The number of potential jihadist volunteers would like be well over 100,000 young Muslims and as high as 200,000.

  • winniec

    Clue for the CLUELESS police and intelligence agencies! There is likely ONE DANGEROUS JIHADIST per SEVEN THOUSAND Muslims in the population.
    1 dangerous jihadist : 7,000 Muslims.