A call to US educators: Learn from Ontario

As states and the federal government in the U.S. continue to clash on the best ways to improve American education, Canada’s Province of Ontario manages successful education reform initiatives that are equal parts cooperation and experimentation, according to a Boston College professor and authority on educational change.

“Although there have been battles in the past, the hallmarks of Ontario’s education reform efforts are cooperation and experimentation – with an emphasis on cooperation,” said Lynch School of Education Professor Dennis Shirley. “Ontario has struck the right balance. Unfortunately, in the U.S., we squander a lot of energy by fighting with each other. Instead, we should be pulling together to do the real work of improving teaching and learning.”

Shirley, editor of the Journal of Educational Change, will discuss Ontario’s efforts today at the American Educational Research Association’s annual meeting…

  • CodexCoder

    Are they kidding? I have seen the high school graduates from Ontario schools and they are nothing to brag about.

    • Petey

      The Asians are pretty good generally.South and East. Forget about the coloureds. You can’t fix stupid.

  • mauser 98

    ask these degenerates for advice? US Prof should get head examined

    • UCSPanther

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      • mauser 98

        ha! i thought so…
        and this one?

        • Petey

          Just looking at that, what has her life been to bring her to this? She must have known she was different at a very young age, and was always an outsider. I understand that much of it is genetic. She genuinely can’t help being who she is. And the unhappy experiences that made the piercings and tattoos seem like good choices. I’m grateful I’m who I am.

          • mauser 98

            sheesh ,, sniffle sniffle
            same for Wynne? we must swallow her agenda ,her incompetence?

        • UCSPanther

          What is gender of that thing?

          • mauser 98

            ?? i dunno

    • Waffle

      Too late — he’s been drinking Dalton’s Kool-Ade at the Friday afternoon get-togethers.

  • UCSPanther

    Right. And seeing how Ontario is slipping into the abyss of degeneracy and financial ruin, they are an example to emulate. *

    *Assuming your idea of a utopia is a violence-ridden post apocalyptic dystopia ruled by clueless “progressives” whose only “solution” is more diversity, identity politics and “Social Justice”.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If anything, Ontario educators should be looking up New York City charter school entrepreneur Eva Moskowitz. She has coaxed academic achievement out of previously incorrigible “inner city” denizens without smoke and mirrors, which is why the public school teacher unions hate and fear her.

  • Alain

    Their admiration for the Ontario “education” system is based on the same reason that the man-child Trudeau admires the Chinese communist government.

  • Surele Surele

    But they already have an army of uneducated kids in the US. Why do they want to add to them, following Ontario’s ‘success’?

  • BG

    LOL, an emphasis on what? Are they kidding? I’m pretty sure a lot of parents would beg to differ.

    • kkruger71

      I’m sure they are only looking at the areas of teachers unions, social activists, sociologists, and educational theorists desires.
      Actual results and what the “unwashed masses” want are completely irrelevant.

  • David Murrell

    Here’s an anecdote from 1983 at Queen’s university. I was sharing this apartment with this long-haired bearded fellow who had an MA in Economics from York University, which at the time taught radical, left-wing economics. We both were going through the economic department’s first-year “boot camp”. This fellow flunked out after the first semester, and then promptly enrolled in the university’s faculty of education. I remember when final exams came around in April. I was studying day and night, fighting burn out, while he lazed around the apartment watching tv. So I had to sit through four 3 1/2 hour final exams, and all he had was a few projects, plus one 25-multiple-choice-question exam. So even back then laziness and boredom were taught to the faculty of education students.

    P.s. Notice the educrat writing style of these brain-dead education types, in the BCF post above.. Imagin attending conferences where this kind of stuff is taught.

  • Gaian

    The only thing the US has learned from Ontario is that that Province excels in abusing its constituents and promotes the destruction of communities by infecting them with junk industrial wind turbines. All in the name of crony capitalism. Thumbs down to Ontario.