White Guy Vows To Clean Up Black Crime… Again

Where have we heard this before?

Tory says the right things in wake of shooting

There are only so many a new basketball court can save.

I doubt any “community effort” will ever be able to counter the culturally embedded lure of the Gangsta lifestyle.

I’m not blaming blacks or the white trash wannabes, the entertainment industry makes billions off the glorification of a “lifestyle”, they among the other “ususal suspect” enablers have made culturally acceptable. It is normal now to aspire to a degenerate way of life, which seems awfully racist when you think about it. Hell the CBC just hired a “Rapper” to replace their last multicultural icon, Jian Ghomeshi.

Our drug laws haven’t helped. That war is lost, and the lesson of alcohol prohibition remains unlearned: Organized crime is made stronger when you make substances illegal.

How is a basketball court expected to compete against drugs, girls and money?