Video: Israeli TV Reporter Harassed in Paris

The videos show only the beginning of the incident, she added.

“The man whose face cannot be seen in the video identifies Hebrew on the microphone, passes the information on to his friends and starts to harass. What happened afterward was much worse. They surrounded me, four or five men, and began to curse me. The word Jew was repeated, too.”

“My hands shake, three weeks later, when I remember the things that they said. I was standing in the street, I was not bothering anyone, and I was cursed – with aggressive hand motions – and threatened. I looked around. The street was full of people who noted what was going on, they watched from the side, and someone even taped everything with a smartphone, but no one helped me.

h/t TON

  • Gary

    This is what happens when nations import ignorant unproductive bigots , it will only get worse when muslims dominate and then torch paris as Hitler wanted to do in 1945.
    At least the Nazi’s had the guts to wear a Uniform to show what they stood for, the islamofascists in Canada not only bilk the welfare system but dress as civilians .

  • BillyHW

    Diversity has destroyed France.

    • Anglo Jew

      No, Muslims have. Vietnamese, Armenians etc are perfectly fine

  • philip zhao

    Before long the streets in Paris will be filled with fashion-attuned Muslim women in Chanel’s and Muslim Dior’s haute couture diaphanous burqa clad in Muslim Louboutin
    heels !!