Turkish Flotilla To Yarmuk Camp Stymied By Nonexistence – satire

Gaza flotilla

Istanbul, April 15 – Organizers of a flotilla to bring supplies and humanitarian relief to the suffering Palestinians of the Yarmuk Refugee Camp in Syria complain of a lack of progress on the initiative as a result of there being no such people or effort afoot.

The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, a Turkish group with declared sympathies for the beleaguered Palestinians, spearheaded a 2010 flotilla to the Gaza Strip to break Israel’s control of maritime passage to and from the territory, a mission the Israeli Navy intercepted.

To demonstrate the movement’s commitment to alleviating Palestinian misery even when not inflicted by Israel, IHH announced this week that a new relief flotilla would depart from Istanbul port and head for the Syrian coast, where it would rendezvous with local human rights activists to deliver aid to the 18,000 remaining residents of the besieged Damascus-area camp.

However, the IHH leaders who made the announcement failed to account for the obstacles inherent in the fact that neither they nor the flotilla exist…

Well, maybe it is not satire after all.

  • ntt1

    I have never supported this kind of sanctimonious progressive bleating so my non-support fits well with this non event.

  • Gary

    Oh those starving pro-hamas jew-hating Gazans.
    It’s so bad that the women are ranked 3rd on the list for the Global Obesity crisis according the the UN in the Chart below.

  • LOL