Muslims Conduct Interfaith Dialogue Gang Rape Of Pastor’s Daughter Over Failure To Shutter Church

A 17-year-old daughter of a Ugandan Christian pastor was allegedly gang-raped by five Muslim men after her father ignored the men’s threats warning him to stop having worship services at his church located in the Muslim-majority Budaka district.

Morning Star News reports that an unnamed pastor, who preaches at the New Hope Church in the Kaderuna sub-county of the district, received a number of threatening messages and text messages telling him to disband his church in the area because it was responsible for helping lead locals to convert from Islam to Christianity.

  • Linda1000

    Which sect of muslims raped the pastor’s daughter? Uganda is where most of our Cdn. Ismaili refugees came from in the early 1980s and some are from Kenya.

    • Lovely for us.

      • BillyHW

        I can feel us getting more vibrant each and every day.

  • Surele Surele

    The good pastor should mete out justice… using an semi, or such.

    • Frances

      Up the “church militant”!!

  • AmicusC

    Can’t wait for the head line “pastor helps clean gene pool puts down 5 rabid dogs”

  • I’m sure the offending parties will be shocked when they learn that the pastor won’t kill his daughter.

  • BillyHW

    Can we be sure this wasn’t Quakers?

  • winniec

    Thuggery, rape, murder? Normative Islam. Every Muslim has the right to be a vigilante. Sharia law guarantees there is no punishment for murdering a blasphemer.