I ACCUSE Australia’s political class of a crime. Of willfully ­endangering the safety of ­Australians.

Andrew Bolt

I ACCUSE Australia’s political class of a crime. Of wilfully ­endangering the safety of ­Australians.

They — with much media help — have put Australians in danger through years of reckless immigration and refugee policies.

And it’s come to what we saw on Saturday — anti-terrorism police in Melbourne ­arresting five more young men from Muslim families, two for allegedly plotting attacks on police on Anzac Day.

These men were allegedly associates of Numan Haider, an Afghan refugee and Islamic State supporter who last year stabbed two Victorian policemen before being shot dead.

Police have been typically coy about identifying exactly which “community” the five were from, refusing in two press conferences on Saturday to even mention the words “Islam” or “Muslim”.

But their use of the word “community” made clear they meant something other than the Australian one.

The fact is we have imported people from “communities” so at odds with our own that a minority of members has declared war on our institutions, our police and even — allegedly — Anzac Day, the most potent symbol of our nationhood.

Needless to say Canada’s own political class is guilty of imposing a criminally negligent immigration policy on us.

Possibly it may be due to a negligent ignorance of Islam, as likely it was done with an ideologically driven & deliberate malice.

In turn Multiculturalism has been used as a bludgeon to silence dissent by divide and conquer.

Canada’s political class is complicit in propagating the BIG LIE of our era; that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

Daily, relentlessly the world over each new atrocity, each new terror attack successful or thwarted puts paid to that lie.


  • BillyHW

    Terrorism is such a small price to pay for vibrant restaurants and fragrant taxi cabs.

    • Yes we proles should be ashamed and not welcoming such vibrancy.

  • Everyone Else

    CBC has no excuse for aiding and supporting the Islamic invasion of Canada that is damaging the quality of life of all other Canadians. I think CBC should be held accountable and sued for damages.

    • The MSM in general is equally complicit and in a small pond like Canada there is very little separation between the MSM and the political class, they all attend the same cocktail parties.

      • Dana Garcia

        I have the impression that MSMers and pols attend the same cocktail parties in big pond places like Washington DC. How else can they schmooze and share their similar opinions?

    • Millie_Woods

      The CBC shouldn’t even exist.

  • AlexanderGalt

    You can accuse all you like, but in the “culture war” it’s our side taking all the hits. In fact it’s not so much a war as a slaughter of right-wingers.

    • That can’t stop us from fighting back.

      • AlexanderGalt

        But maybe we should review tactics.

  • Dana Garcia

    Liberals naively believe that if people just get to know one another, then conflict will cease. Actually, the opposite is true, particularly when the diversity includes allah’s gangsters.

    But facts don’t matter — let the social experiment continue, with more outreach!

  • Ron MacDonald

    It’s time to change the penalty for treason and sedition to natural life in prison.

    • I 2nd that.

      • Crom Bann

        Third, pols and bureacrats need to be made to understand that there will be consquences, tribunals, prison, etc.

        • In an ideal world…

          • Crom Bann

            Work needs to be done, and modestly is being done, to make politicians and bureacrats aware that their asses are on the line. Spread the meme on social networks, turn it into a pervasive background radiation that they cannot avoid.

  • Gary

    The history books will show Barbara Hall as being linked to the mass slaughters by suicide bombers and terrorists in Canada for giving a Death-Cult the status in the Charter that’s equal to a Religion where Sharia law was imported to our soil like a cancer and spread into the Public schools and all Government buildings .

    Ban Christmas trees but embrace murdering gays and flogging women.
    Hall is an example how connections trumps stupidity when getting a 6 figure job at the Public trough.

  • And their foreign minister was in Iran kissing Mullahs’ asses.

  • wrath of the little guy

    From my perch…
    I can’t see how you can tell who is going to make a good citizen …
    how can you trust the security data from the majority of the world?
    ……They are ALL SO …..FULL…. OF CORRUPTION!
    Well I suppose you could…
    …. mind you I see corruption daily now …. and when little ol’ me starts seeing it …. you know it is TIME TO TAKE A STAND BEFORE WE GET LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD!
    I do NOT like my little world disturbed….!