France Leads The Way As Anti-Semitic Attacks Surge Worldwide

Attacks against Jewish businesses and individuals grew worldwide by 38 per cent in 2014, a new report by Tel Aviv University academics reveals, with France showing the fastest rate of growth in anti-Semitic violence.

  • David Murrell

    How accurate is the Tel Aviv study? If one watches CBC News and CTV News, and if one reads the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail, there is not — I repeat NOT — any anti-Semitism in Europe whatsoever. And we all have fallowed Doug Saunder’s writings, about how wonderful Muslim immigration has been for Europe. And President Obama and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau have not — I repeat NOT — spoken out against any perceived anti-Semitism in Europe.

    So we can all rest easy knowing our world is safe and happy for Jewish people. We live in a blissful, happy world.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Oh yes! And I hear that the EU is introducing wind-powered marshmallows free for every citizen to “get around” without irritating one another. The problem of the marshmallows melting in the warm summer sun was solved by draping the marshmallow vehicles in burkas! Such a breakthrough! Sharia-compliant wind-powered marshmallows are the way of the future and will significantly reduce Jewish vehicular mortality rates.

  • Microaggressive

    More Jew-Muslim alliances are needed


    • David vs G

      Sorry to say THAT already exists ie jewish organized crime groups & the Jewish Left Apologists

  • eMan14

    But… Islamophobia!!!