Why conservatives shouldn’t be cheering Hydro One privatization

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne plans to partially privatize Hydro One.

Tom Adams, a leading energy consultant (TomAdamsEnergy.com) explains why this decision isn’t the enlightened, pro-capitalist move conservatives might think it is. There certainly isn’t any windfall on the way for Ontario taxpayers.

In fact, it seems a bit like a shell game.

PS: Guess how many public sector energy employees are on Ontario’s Sunshine List?

  • Gary

    I think this is also a ruse to help sell 10% of it to OMERs that is the Public sector Union pension Fund to reduce the control by the general private ownership and will give Unions even more power at Election time to force Wynne to show more profits or improve their pensions.

    • Yikes!

    • WalterBannon

      They are stranding the debt and just spending the money raised on paying off their cronies in the unions. I truly wish that Wynne would step off a curb and be struck down by a bus.

  • john700

    Since we are talking about a privatization done by the Liberal government of Ontario, I think the whole process should be supervised by the RCMP.

    • Better yet the OPP!

      • john700

        they OPP were bought with a raise.

      • WalterBannon

        The OPP are a bunch of crooks, bought and paid for by Wynne. I wouldn’t trust them unsupervised with a five dollar bill on my desk.

  • Numbers game are what Liberals do best.

  • eMan14

    It’s a numbers game, a con game, and a crying game all rolled into one. A CBC script writer couldn’t have come up with a story on government corruption that would come close to equalling what the Liberals have done. No one would have believed it.

  • Waffle

    If Tom Adams is right — and he makes a lot of sense — Wynne is going to try to defy the laws of gravity by selling a fully mortgaged asset. Shame on Ed Clark for going along with this farce. One can only wonder what he got paid.

    Are the stockbrokers so unethical that they will actually try to sell this deal to their clients? What kind of back-room deal has already been made to increase revenues? What will this do to the price of existing Hydro bonds?

    So, Joe Oliver — former head of the IDA — where the f*** are you?

    • simus1

      If you take a look at Ed’s background ……… big shot Liberal Party supporter.

      • Waffle

        But of course no surprises there!

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Love to see my brother take over Ontario Hydro’s management. The deadwood would fall by the cord, like they were being hit by a mechanical harvester. I’m not joking. He could do it, too.

    • WalterBannon

      I would rather see the entire province of Ontario put into trusteeship under the government in Ottawa and the provincial government be dissolved by the PM.

  • WalterBannon

    Still waiting for the crooked OPP to file criminal charges against Wynne. I guess they are in collusion with her and hence are accessories to her crime of ordering the deletion of public records