What Do British Muslims Want? The Lot!

The question is whether all the demands of Muslims in the workplace, supermarkets, universities, Muslim communities/ghettos, law, supermarkets, swimming pools, hospitals, council-run amenities, etc. should be met even while knowing that they will inevitably become much broader and more extensive in scope in the future.

On the other hand, if all these Islamic demands aren’t met, will the employers, etc. be deemed ‘Islamophobes’, ‘racist’ or ‘discriminatory’?…

  • Dana Garcia

    Immigration as conquest.

  • Gary

    The islamism cancer is in canada but the CBC and brain dead Liberals drank the kool ade and act like there would be peace if the jews went away .
    Back in 2004 I saw Dan Mcteague in a Mosque video where he took the mic and denounced Jesus as the messiah to appease the crowd that voted for him as a MP. He declared allah as the god of all gods and that muhammed was his last messenger.
    Wow , he was pissed when I contacted him by a letter and noted that Jesus said that those that deny me in front of man will be denied by me in front of the Father . Trudeau , Martin and Chretien pretended to be catholics when it was a benefit during an election , but Trudeau now caters to the Whahabi pro-sharia mosque in Montreal and the Homophobic jew-hating Mosque in BC.
    With just 600,000 muslims in Canada several years back we had the Toronto-18 muslim terorists that had a plot to slaughter about 10,000 civilians in down town Toronto via truck bombs , so how bad will it be when there are 2,000,000 that start to DEMAND sharia law and a separate State in Canada and have hundreds of No-Go zones for gays and jews or Cops.

  • granny47

    Actually there is a sixth pillar – Jihad.

  • pdxnag

    Do you aspire to be like Rage Boy? Is that the future you have planned for your kids? If not, then expel all Muslims.

  • WalterBannon

    The day Islam takes over this province is the day I buy a good scope for my rifle.