Thinking the Unthinkable: Are we Looking at Nuclear Treason?

Nuclear treason is nothing new. It happened in the 1940s when U.S. Communist Party members smuggled Manhattan Project secrets to Stalin’s Soviet Union, allowing him to explode his first bomb in 1949, just four years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It happened again when Pakistani nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan, working at a Dutch nuclear facility, passed on the bomb secrets to Pakistan. Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile is now reported to be vulnerable to a jihadist attack.

  • canminuteman

    Doesn’t Pakistan basically have a jihadist government already? It’s just a matter of time.

  • John

    The article states three times that the cuban mjissle crisis happened in 1963. However the standoff happened in the fall of 1962.
    Pakistan is far more dangerous than Iran. Iran needs to be watched very closely, but it’s Pakistan that will kick off nuclear proliferation in rogue states, by selling arms to the highest bidder.
    I’ve never understood why the U.S. concentrates on a state that still hasn’t any nukes, while ignoring another that has had them for nearly 20 years. Pakistan is so unstable, god only knows what would happen were there a coup d’état

  • It is only time until an Islamic kook gets a nuke.

    Blame it on dysfunctional Pakistan or the fruitcake Iranian mullahs, it does not matter.

    You simply cannot have 1.6 billion people taking part of a “religious” hate fest and not have lots of hate.

    One of the “religious nut-jobs” will get and set off a nuke.

    The bigger picture, “Islamic theology”, is the ultimate culprit.

    The world (Muslim and non-Muslim’s alike) either “cures” Islam of its hate, or the hate will boil over.

  • Brother John

    What’s new is the American government handing a bomb to an openly hostile nation.

  • Jabberwokk

    Well we knew that this was inevitable.

    The more difficult question is what did we do about it?

    I’m just as guilty.

  • k

    Well I think we have a little problem called ….
    …the Global One World ooooooweeee gooooweeee huggy huggy Village
    1) we have the UN….
    Western Elites hob knobbing with disreputable 3rd World Elites whom the Western Elites (racistly) expected the 3rd World to develop by their (WE) superior guiding hand = world peace, Capitalism EVERYWHERE!!!!! PROGRESS,PRODUCTION, & ULTRA-WEALTHY ELITES ….
    ….I guess the last laugh is on us in the West
    2) Mass immigration to the West…. = Christian humanism, Capitalism, Global peaceful World …..=
    ………….. EDUCATION FOR ALL ….
    if you educate the WORLD on all these new technologies…. how can you tell them not too employ it in their countries of origin
    …………. CAPITALISM …….
    Dont tell me whom I can sell too, and whom I cant sell too
    Id say it is a case of the genie out of the bottle …
    ….however we have domain over our own houses (somewhat) for now
    The West hasn’t got many cards left to play… sad really