South Africa immigrants create armed gangs and patrol the streets; Zulu King charged with hate speech

Immigrants carrying machetes have clashed with police in a search for locals that attacked foreign shop owners in Durban

Immigrants wielding machetes have clashed with police as they hunt for locals that attacked foreign shop owners as violence continues to spread across South Africa.

Police fired rubber bullets and a stun grenade today to disperse a gang of immigrants who had armed themselves with machetes in a run-down district in Johannesburg.

The country has been hit by a wave of violence against immigrants in the past fortnight. The foreigners have complained about a lack of protection and some have started to arm themselves and fight back…

Related: Zulu King accused of hate speech: The charges were laid by Tim Flack, spokesman for the SA National Defence Force Union.

Flack said people using Twitter to incite xenophobic violence were engaging in “hairdryer politics, which is blowing a lot of hot hair and achieving nothing”.

So Flack said he decided to “do something”.

He said: “The king needs to account and be charged for inciting this violence.”

Speaking in Pongola last month, Zwelithini said: “We ask that immigrants take their bags and go where they come from”…

Is he some kind of racist or what? A “far right”, xenophobic “populist”, he might even be Islamophobic!

unnamed-11Zulu king Zwelithini initially denied the statement and later accused the media of misinterpreting his words to sell newspapers