Islamic Centre issues advice to Irish Muslims on same-sex marriage referendum

The islamic centre in Blanchardstown, Dublin, has issued advice to Irish Muslims on voting in the upcoming same-sex marriage referendum.

Today, the centre said it has received many queries from Muslims living here about the referendum. In a letter from Head Imam of Al Mustafa Islamic Centre, Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri, circulated to the Muslim community, he said being entitled to vote and participate in a political process is a privilege.

He stressed thatt the referendum is not about changing Islamic marriage, but about changing marriage in the Irish constitution.

“Imams will not be obliged legally to conduct an Islamic marriage (Nikaah) between same sex couples.” However he said the referendum was not simply about equality for gay people.

In the letter, Al-Qadri explained the Islamic tradition has always acknowledged that some people may have “homosexual impulses and this is not considered a sin in Islam”…