Genocide, Nazi Popes, and the Turkish Imagination

It seems as if Turkey’s ruling politicians are in a race to look less and less convincing to an already suspicious international audience. How they defended their ancestors’ sins a century ago earned them new points in the race, and made them look even more odd than before.

The tragic events of 1915-1920 that killed 1.5 million Ottoman Armenians have been recognized as genocide by a total of 22 countries in the world, 44 states in the United States, two states in Australia, three in Brazil, four regions and three cities in Spain, two in Syria, five provinces in Bulgaria, one in Colombia, one regional parliament in the Netherlands, one regional parliament in Italy and one in Iran.

  • simus1

    After uncharacteristically sending the Ottomans up the wall, Pope Flaky Frank is also keeping busy on a more well trodden lefty path:

  • SDMatt

    In addition to the Armenian genocide let’s not forget the Greek Genocide that the Turks committed at the same time.

    Canada’s Armenian and Greek communities need to hold some rallies about this.

  • Chatillon

    Like the Palestinians, the Iranians, Boko Haram, Moro Islamic Liberation Front and so many other Moslem groupings, the Turks avoid serious discussion of their actions entirely and hurriedly construct flimsy excuses and conspiracy theories justifying their crimes. There is no dealing with such a mindset. Nothing that any person suffering from such delusions can be trusted.

    This is why there will never be peace between the Palestinian Arabs and the Israelis: the Palestinian Arabs have no ability to see the legitimacy of a negotiated settlement. This is why no negotiations with the Iranians will deter them from their goals of bringing about the Moslem Apocalypse: they see no legitimacy in deals with the kaffir. This is why Boko Haram will never bother coming to terms with the non-Moslems of Nigeria: the non-Moslems are merely kaffir. Etc. Etc.

    And that is why Moslems in the West must be held to exacting standards of behavior with respect to the law and customs of the land. “Reasonable accommodation” does not mean bending the truth to suit the tastes of those so unwilling to extend the same courtesy to others.