Europe’s Death Throes: No to Judaism and Christianity, Yes to Islam

During the Vietnam War, Jane Fonda was in Hanoi wearing an helmet and standing up for the Vietcong. But “Hanoi Jane” could not shoot at American B-52’s, while young Frenchmen know how to go about the cutting off of heads.

The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has revealed that seven French citizens blew themselves up in Iraq and Syria. Six of them Christians who had converted to Islam.

They are the children of the West at war with the West, the sons of the culture of reason, “the atheists and liars” as they define it in the audios/videos of the Islamic State. This holy war against the “new paganism” is not led by men trained in the madrassas, but in universities whose foundations are based on the “pagan thought” they intend to use to punish it.

They want to defeat the monstrously seductive Europe relying on the wisdom of a single book, the Koran.