US to exhume remains from Pearl Harbour attack

The United States military is to exhume the remains of up to 388 servicemen killed at Pearl Harbour in an unprecedented attempt to identify them using DNA testing.

More than seven decades after the surprise Japanese attack on the US Pacific Fleet on Dec 7, 1941, sailors and Marines from the battleship USS Oklahoma, which was sunk by torpedoes, lie buried in graves marked “unknown” at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii.

  • Shebel

    Why ? Are the People demanding this?
    I guess the Parents are all dead.
    What are they going to do ? Bring them out bone by bone . Do a bit of DNA testing.
    Fill the MEDIA with this wonderful farce.
    Will Hillary be there?

    Jesus H Christ—-

  • AlanUK

    The British position:

    (Yes, I know it’s Wiki but this is probably an area with little political bias.)
    In a few words:

  • Clausewitz

    Let them rest in peace amongst their fellow fallen heroes at the memorial. This is not needed. The Pearl Harbour memorial is both moving and hallowed ground.