Saving democracy from itself, and the Muslim Brotherhood

Islamists and their sympathizers increasingly dominate college campuses, and the trend threatens those who want to remain free of sharia law, those who openly support Israel, and those who care about free speech and academic freedom. Western democracy itself is now under mortal threat

Every democracy must defend itself against those who exploit its liberties to destroy it from within. The West must realize that naïvely open societies are the meals of plotting wolves, and totalitarian ideologies will exploit every freedom and benefit of the doubt that they are given.

The documentary film “The Grand Deception,” by terrorism expert Steven Emerson, demonstrates in frightening detail just how much the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated U.S. society — from the media, to university campuses, to local and federal government.

Apologists for Islamists will reflexively label the expose as “islamophobic”, but the film is based on well documented cases pursued by the Department of Justice.

  • David Murrell

    “The Grand Deception” doc can’t be seen for free, I think, but one can get on Youtube to find some trailers, etc. Here is a 7 1/2 min interview on FoxTV:
    One can buy the DVD from Amazon.

  • winniec

    The Leftards participate in the Grand Deception because it helps their allies (the ‘Noble Savages’) to replace the unworthy indigenous peoples of Europe and freedom-loving peoples of the Americas with compliant slaves.

  • Reader
    • Linda1000

      Oh, that’s a book about Obama? 🙂

  • winniec

    The Leftards, who defend the Muslim Brotherhood and similar Islamofascist groups from exposure, are actually forcing us into dhimmitude under Sharia law blasphemy rules.
    Under Sharia law, a DHIMMI is not allowed to teach the Arabic language or the Koran or ‘mention’ anything about Islam.
    The playwright Euripides observed that a slave is one who may not speak his mind.
    Leftards are helping to enslave us under Sharia by removing our freedom of speech.

  • Islam is a social pathology.

    You simply cannot have a so called “religion” with passages which actively incite its followers to commit acts of violence.

    Islam clearly has numerous passages which incite its most devout to commit violence.

    The sum total of all the violence associated with Islam, is directly a result of these Islamic theological inciting passages.

    Without Islamic reformation, Islamic violence will continue.

    It is long overdue for the non-Muslim world to force a reformation on the Islamic pathology.

    • Icebow

      Good luck with that!

      • mobuyus

        It can be reformed with Thermo-Nuclear instruments of reform.

        • Icebow

          We’re a long way from that, and tactical would do.

      • The longest journey starts with a single step.

        No first step – no journey.

    • And no one in Citizenship & immigration seemed aware of that.

    • Dan

      It was born a deformed monstrosity. Reformation is futile.

  • Surele Surele

    I don’t know why this comes to mind: