Report Finds Alarming Outflow Of Kosovars To Islamic State

At least 232 Kosovo citizens are fighting alongside militants in Syria and Iraq, making Kosovo rank eighth overall (and first per capita) among the 22 Western states with citizens fighting in Syria and Iraq, a new report has found.

The Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS), a nonprofit think tank established in 2008 in Kosovo to research security issues, has found that, as of January 2015, there are 232 confirmed cases of Kosovo citizens fighting alongside militant groups in Syria and Iraq, including Islamic State (IS).

The first Kosovo citizen to be killed fighting alongside opposition forces in Syria was a militant named Naman Demolli from Pristina, whose death was announced in a video uploaded to YouTube in November 2012.

  • winniec

    A study of (so-called) radicalization needs urgently to be done. Anecdotally, it appears that Islamic study groups are creating the jihadists more than any other method.
    All Islamic study groups should be banned, because studying the original Islamic texts turns lax Muslims into fanatical killers.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Kosovo has never really been a sustainable country. It’s too small and too many of the people in it are fighting with each other. It’s better they leave for anywhere else. Eventually Kosovo will be reabsorbed by Albanian and Serbia.