RCMP Wastes Still More Tax Dollars By Preventing Two More Jihadi Wannabes From Going To Syria

MONTREAL—Police are seeking a peace bond application against two Montreal teenagers they believe are on the verge of committing a terrorist act.

The RCMP in Quebec say that Sabrine Djaermane and El Madhi Jamali are to appear in court Wednesday after investigators applied for a court order restricting their movements and activities over a fear they intend to commit a terrorist infraction. Both are aged 18 and residents of Montreal.

The orders against the two young adults brings to four the number of terror-related peace bonds that have been sought in Quebec in recent weeks.

It appears that national security investigators have latched on to the preventative tactic as a tool in their fight to stop young people joining the ranks of the Islamic State, which has taken over a large swath of land in Syria and Iraq.

Let them go. Just don’t let them come back. These traitors are running off to join a cult that rapes children, sets people on fire and would gladly behead the average Canadian in a heart beat if given the chance. What good does it do to keep them in Canada.

The wannabe jihadis are not unaware of how brutal their Muslim brothers in ISIS are.

These are not children, they are Islam’s monsters.


  • winniec

    All these would-be warriors are highly dangerous and should wear GPS collars to track their locations. Tampering with the collar would mean a lengthy sentence.

    • They are hoping to join a cult that rapes children and sets people on fire. They are dangerously Muslim.

  • Good idea.

    Keep the killers right here. Don’t let them leave.

    What could go wrong?

  • Linda1000

    Exactly what does signing a peace bond prevent or guarantee? Most terrorists to date don’t care if they die when carrying out an attack. Signing a piece of paper is not going to prevent anyone determined to carry out an attack or in assisting others to do the same. Seems kind of like asking a heroin addict to sign a paper stating he won’t use the drug again. The RCMP does not have the manpower now to monitor all potential terrorist threats so how can they track all these peace bond “signers”?
    Law enforcement should not be wasting their time and money tracking wannabe jihadis who have already left the country either.

  • Mr Lahey

    Castro knew what he was doing when he emptied his jails and put the losers on boats to Floriday…The answer is so obvious…pay their airfare, and in turn they hand back their Canadian Passports.

  • Maggat

    When one thinks about this problem, we could save a lot of money if we bought the tickets and expedited their departure. Hopefully never to return.

  • FactsWillOut

    Heck, they spend so much money bringing them here, why would they let them leave?