How much is The Religion of Peace costing Canada?

How much is the Religion of Peace costing Canadians in security, military commitments, humanitarian relief and domestic “outreach efforts” by various Canadian government institutions?

Unfortunately we can’t know with certainty. An accurate tabulation of the total annual expenditure is not likely possible owing to reasons of “national security”, “political correctness” and a simple inability to isolate and gather relevant data from disparate federal, provincial and municipal sources.

But we can put together an incomplete snapshot.

Following are the operating budgets for the CSE, CSIS and the RCMP, based on the estimates for 2014.

Communications Security Establishment 422,207,847 

CSIS 513,007,839

RCMP 2,758,076,493

I doubt that any of these organizations would provide a figure if asked the amount spent on countering Islamic terrorism, but know that surveillance is an expensive business. CSIS has stated that as of October 2014 it was working on “63 national security cases linked to terrorism and involving 90 suspects”. Surveillance is a time and man-power heavy endeavor, it isn’t a single gumshoe following a target. Factor in the costs of electronic surveillance, research etc and it all adds up pretty quickly.

These figures (below) from a Star editorial give some idea of the resources expended by the RCMP to counter the Islamic terror threat and while we can’t know the exact figure in total an equal percentage of the budget allocation for both CSIS and the CSE can be assumed:

“Indeed, in 2013-14 the RCMP diverted $22.9 million and 600 staff members from operations fighting organized crime, economic crime and other national security files to INSETs.”

So on top of the 22.9 million diverted you also have to factor in the salary and benefits of 600 additional staff and add that to the existing budget (Staff salary etc) for the RCMP’s anti-terrorism operations. While far from complete it provides an eye-opening look at how much Islam is costing the RCMP alone.

This is on top of the annual federal funding for “INSETS”, from the same Star article.

“As the Star’s Alex Boutilier reported last week, documents indicate that the RCMP’s anti-terrorism units are shockingly underfunded and understaffed.

That’s partly because they have had to target new resources at anti-terrorism activities as the threat has grown. But it’s also because the RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams (INSETs) have not received an increase in funding since 2003. Yes, 2003. Instead, funding has remained static at $10 million a year.

Note that INSETs (Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams) are established in Edmonton and Calgary Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

This is not the entire RCMP anti-terrorism expenditure but merely a snapshot and note that the figures cited above are for 1 year alone. We simply can’t know what the total is for any or all of the primary agencies involved as it likely would never be released publicly.

Of late local police forces, like Edmonton, have set up their own anti-terrorism units. How much is this costing Albertans? How many other Canadian cities have followed suit? At what financial cost?

Canada’s ISIS mission will cost us 528 Million over the course of the coming year. We aren’t there because of Rogue Mormons.

Canada’s humanitarian relief efforts for Islam’s current civil war are expected to top the 700 Million already allocated for Syria alone.

For Iraq? I don’t have firm numbers beyond a report dated August 2014 – “Canada has sent Iraq a total of $16 million in humanitarian aid since the beginning of 2014, with $6.8 million dedicated to helping victims of civil unrest, and $9.5 million earmarked for helping Syrian refugees.”

700 Million for Syria? Soon we’ll be talking serious money and note that no figures are available for the settlement costs arising from the “10,000 refugees” we are being asked to take in.

As for Community Outreach Efforts, again we simply can’t know but every city with a significant Muslim population has its police force set up some form of Muslim community liaison office. All of it requires time and manpower to operate.

How much has Canada spent on the trials of domestic Muslim terrorists? On the incarceration of those convicted? On the deportation of Muslim undesirables deemed security risks?

In 2013 the government announced a program to deal with honour killings in the Muslim community to the tune of $306,040 in federal money. What of Muslim legal bids to establish Islamic supremacy such as in the Niqab affair? Judges and lawyers don’t work cheap.

In the decade following 911 Canada’s Muslim population was doubled via immigration. Immigration from Muslim majority states accounted for almost 25% of Canada’s total immigration intake during that period and immigration from Muslim nations continues to represent about 18% of our total intake.

On top of hard dollar costs what is the intangible price our society pays?

42% of Canadian Muslims polled agree that Western & Islamic Cultures Have “Irreconcilable Differences”.

Add it all up and I bet the cost is nearing the 2 Billion a year mark of late.

Sorry, but I don’t see a return forthcoming on our investment in the Religion of Peace.