Hell just froze over: Jezebel finds common ground with … Michelle Malkin?

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  • Boy, that brutal gluten free starvation diet Paltrow’s got herself on sure makes her look young for a 65 year old woman, doesn’t it?

    Meow, hiss etc.

    • I think she’s had work…

      • Frau Katze

        I think so.

    • David

      She was a mutt from the get go.

      • Be fair. She’s pretty, in a bloodless anorexic kind of way.

  • Frances

    And just what was the menu Ms Paltrow was shopping for?

    • Your diet doesn’t consist of limes and kale? How odd.

      • Frances

        I think we should send Ms Paltrow to a northern state (say Alaska) and ask her to become a locavore.