Good: Member of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Government stopped from returning to Canada

TORONTO — The family of an ailing Mississauga, Ont., man detained in Egypt for more than a year is not yet being allowed to return to Canada.

Khaled Al-Qazzaz’s family earlier said the father of four had received all of the needed documents to leave Egypt and expected to arrive in Toronto on Thursday.

But late Wednesday, Al-Qazzaz’s brother-in-law said Al-Qazzaz, his wife Sarah and the their four children were stopped at Cairo’s airport and told they could not leave.

  • Doug Kursk

    FYI, CTV is deleting any negative comments about the man and his MB connections. They have left only one comment (pro) up.


  • cmh

    maybe him and scumbag fahmy can share the same plane back to canada and save us some money….does any one really think that a government (canada) that shelters the convicted assassin of the prime minister of bangladesh isn’t going to bend over backwards to bring these men ‘home’?