Evicted asylum seekers move into Amsterdam Vondelpark

A group of asylum seekers hang out in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark. April 15, 2015 (photo: Wij Zijn Hier / Facebook)

As many as seventy failed asylum seekers, evicted from their long-time squat in Amsterdam, entered the city’s Vondelpark late Wednesday afternoon. It is not known if they plan to pitch tents or spend the night in the park, a spokesman said.

After they were evicted, some of the undocumented aliens tried to set up a tent camp on a construction site in Amsterdam Zuid, which the city opposed.

“Walked to the Vondelpark where we are now chilling a bit after another day of action, interviews and demonstrating,” a representative wrote on the Facebook page for the group. “If people want to join after their work – very welcome!”…

Illegal-migrants-Netherlands-Facebook-siteFrom the group’s Facebook page.

h/t Marvin