EU Parliamentarian: The Writing is On the Wall

“…Much of the hate against Jews in Europe today is instigated by radical Islam, but Europeans should take no comfort in that, said Habib – they, too, are on the agenda. “The Jews today have an insurance policy called Israel, which they could only have wished for in the Holocaust.

“And unlike the Vichy government in World War II, the government of France today does its best to protect Jews. With that,” said Habib, “the murderous hate of radical Islam is growing all too quickly, especially in France. We must open our eyes and realize that Iran, and ISIS and others who call for the destruction of Israel are the heirs to Hitler and Nazism.”

  • And that “insurance policy” is under a constant threat by both radical Islam, physically, and an anti-Semitic Europe politically. To make matters worse, Europe prefers to support savagery than a fair democracy.

    Incidentally, Meyer Habib is a French-born Israeli. It would be nice to see a non-Jewish European recognize these issues instead of caving to PC.

    • The EU lives in fear of its Muslim diversity. They will sell out Israel in the vain hope of buying themselves favour.

      • Gary

        But the favour will be that THEY will get beheaded last.