CBC #JianGhomeshi Scandal Report Blames Fiasco On A Couple Of Bad Eggs – Big Ears Teddy Not Questioned

No doubt they were closet conservatives out of touch with the values of the average CBC staffer.

Read the report below.

CBC Jian Ghomeshi Scandal Report-april-2015-en

I’ve managed to recover a redacted portion of the report…

Ghomeshi a douchbag


  • David Murrell

    “CBC said it had “severed ties” with two senior executives Thursday as it released an independent report that said management “condoned” inappropriate behaviour by former radio host Jian Ghomeshi. Former head of radio Chris Boyce and HR director Todd Spencer had been on leaves of absence since January”.

    Jeepers, I am all broken up about that. Two senior personel let go.

    • Yea, well that’s the housecleaning done.

      • truthdareisay

        housecleaning? more like a den with 1 bedroom 🙂

  • The Goat

    Fire them all.

  • barryjr

    Why are we funding this gang of thieves?

  • Minicapt

    What is this “Behavioural Standard”, and how is it possible for him to have breached it?


  • Everyone Else

    And what about CBC constant Israel bashing? CBC irresponsible and erroneous reporting has helped validate Islamic Jew hatred in Canada. This has led to an increase in anti-Jewish hate crimes. CBC has damaged the quality of life of Jewish Canadians, who more and more must hide their identity and put armed guards at their institutions. When will CBC be held accountable for this far more important issue?