Birmingham men to face terror charges over alleged bid to join Islamic State

Three men from Birmingham have been charged with terror offences after allegedly trying to smuggle themselves out of Britain to join Islamic State fighters in Syria.

Gabriel Clement Rasmus, 28, Anas Abdow Abdalla, 26, and Mahamuud Diini, 25, were arrested on 3 April in Dover port, where they had hidden themselves in the back of an articulated lorry.

The three were the latest group of Britons to be picked up by authorities while allegedly en route to Syria.

  • Gary

    I now laugh at the islam=Peace because it’s like the Who’s On First skit where Lou keeps hearing ” What’s on 2nd , I don’t Know ……..3rd base!!! .

    As soon as I hear about jihadists that aren’t True muslims , my reaction is “islam means peace” ( third base) .