Apple’s Russian-Language Siri Accused of Homophobia

A Russian-language version of Apple’s Siri personal assistant has been accused of offering homophobic responses to gay-related questions. Apple has since claimed the issue was due to a bug that was promptly fixed.

The situation was brought to public attention by a U.K.-based Russian calling himself Alex, who posted a YouTube video in which he asked Siri questions related to homosexual topics.

When asked about the existence of nearby gay clubs, the voice-activated helper replied: “I would have turned red, if I could.” To a question about whether gay marriage is “normal,” Siri responded with either “You are so rude” or “I believe this emotion should be considered negative.”

The question of how to register a gay marriage in England generated the responses, “I will pretend I didn’t hear that,” and “Now you are using obscenities and then you are going to eat bread with the same hands”…