Anti-Israel Mondoweiss: From SJP to JVP to Open Hillel, the joint struggle is transforming the campus debate

As someone who has participated in programs on a number of campuses and has a child in college, I have been inspired by the organizing taking place for justice in Palestine. My own organizing has been strengthened by what I have seen. Through Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Muslim Student Associations (MSA), and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), organizing for justice in Palestine on campuses across the US has been thoughtful, principled and bold. Further, the movement to open Hillels to those voices supporting justice in Palestine has also been a positive development.

Despite seemingly insurmountable challenges, the organizing has creatively highlighted and challenged Israel’s ongoing apartheid. It has opened up spaces for discussion and dialogue that college administrators and defenders of Israeli government policy have tried to shut down. Perhaps most importantly, student organizers have made important links and connections among different movements for justice. Just this past fall, SJP’s national conference, held at Tufts University, had as its theme, “Beyond Solidarity: Resisting Racism and Colonialism from the US to Palestine.”

I spoke at two Boston campuses recently on Islamophobia and Israel, co-sponsored by the SJP and the MSA at Suffolk University and Tufts University. Yasmeen Hamdoun, one of the organizers of the event at Suffolk, told me why she organized such an event: “I believe the Islamophobic narrative is so pervasive, and people often don’t reflect about who is benefiting from this narrative and its repercussions. As a Muslim in America, I face the consequences of the misrepresentation of Muslims in the media through discrimination on a daily basis, but the Muslims overseas, such as the Palestinians, face it even harder. The Islamophobic propaganda campaign driven by the imperialist powers, such as the U.S. and Israel, dehumanizes Muslims overseas and thereby justifies violence against them”…

There is a point here: sheer demographics alone are increasing the Muslim population in the West. The US is less affected — so far.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What actually is the campus debate even worth? Let’s say for the sake of argument these Nazi faggot retards eventually rise to middle management in government and academia. Let’s say that President Hillarious the First al Amriki invites Hamas to the White House and breaks all ties with Israel. So what? There are other allies to be found in the world. And the US isn’t the only permanents UNSC member. So is China and relations with China are pretty good. Relations with India are pretty good. Hell, relations with Russia are on par with the US and Israel and Russia talk to each other on the phone. Relations with goddamn Egypt are better than relations with the US. At best, at the very best America has never been more than a fair weather friend of convenience for Israel. Now it’s inconvenient so they find the Jews disposable.

    What does it even matter if fake Jews backed by Iranian, Saudi and communist money, in J-street pout and whine like babies and scream for another holocaust ‘because they love us’? What does it matter if the 2016 democratic convention in Philly has ISIS and Hamas flags and has a plank in the platform that openly calls for ethnic cleansing of Jews? Even Jews IN the US? We’ll leave and they can toddle along being democrats. Who cares if the US becomes as racist and intolerant and Jew hating as Europe and the Arab world? Fuck em. Fuck em all and Jon Stewart can lead the charge to embrace Allah and open up death camps.

    I say let the colleges descend into open antisemitism. Let them burn books, expel Jews and daub their walls with swastikas. Who cares? They want to do it, they’re proud of it. Let sharia descend on colleges. Let them stop teaching literacy and focus on the Koran, stoning, hanging of gays and daily flag fires.

    To me it’s a self correcting problem in the long run. When America turns into Islamland it will eventually run out of people they haven’t killed who can keep the lights on, the cholera out of the water supply and the hospitals open. Fuck it. For decades ‘progressives’ have screamed their demand they want the US to be ‘more like the rest of the word’. So be it. Turn it into fucking Sudan.

    • dukestreet

      Isn’t Obama already doing that?

  • Dan

    Agreed, Yasmeen, Muslims overseas do have it harder. But blame it on those Sunni Shiaphobes and Shia Sunniphobes. Or the WrongkindofIslamophobes. Or just good old Islamic zoephobia.

    Also agree that misrepresentation of Muslims (Islam) in the media is a huge problem and we also face the consequences on a daily basis.