Alberta’s Wild Rose Party Is So Gay

Alta. Wildrose candidate gets boot for controversial blog post about gay activists

This is what the candidate wrote:

In the June 20, 2007, post, Kuykendall took swings at a Mayor’s Pride Brunch event to be held at St. Andrew Centre in Edmonton.

“I’m told that St. Andrew Roman Catholic Church is one of the most conservative parishes in the city. Evidently, whoever rented the hall on behalf of the event was not entirely forthcoming with the parish priest and administration as to what event would convene. Then, apparently anticipating (wanting?) trouble, the event organizers arranged for two uniformed members of the Edmonton Police Service to be posted at the entrance to the hall,” Kuykendall’s post read in part.

“The message that appears to be sent to Catholic Christians who don’t accept this ‘lifestyle’ as acceptable is that ‘equality’ means that gay activists can take their agenda not just to your front door but inside the door to places that are consecrated to the Catholic faith, with uniformed police officers (!) exercising state coercion to defend that right!”

My goodness but isn’t that hateful! Not.

  • The gays like the Muslims want to stuff it down our throats – excuse the pun. This is not about freedom of choice for them, this is about tyranny for the rest of us. It is comparable to rape. It is evil.

  • The Goat

    Simply observing that a priest was lied to in order to get the parish to host a gay pride event, and he’s run out of the party?

    What’s the point of voting Wildrose then?

    • Alain

      Indeed. If a political party is too cowardly to stand against tyranny, then it does not deserve to win. We do not have a single political party in Canada, federal or provincial, with the integrity and courage to defend freedom and to stand up to tyranny.

    • None whatsoever.

  • cmh

    Western homosexuals are the most vicious, bigoted, intolerant people of all minority groups. They are extreme in their racist, hate filled, hetero-phobic lobbying. Homosexuality needs to be reinstated into the DSM as the normalization of the deviancy is a slippery slope to the final dissolution of a heterosexual (normal) family based democratic society.

  • Exile1981

    Ok – 1st hoping working from a stupid tablet works for posting this time. My laptop was stepped on by a rampaging 5 year old last week and is KIA, so until the new one arrives and gets set up I’ll be posting not much.

    I called my Wild Rose Candidate and told them that I would be sitting out this next provincial election because of this.

    • G

      Good show.

      My support for the Wild Rose has been eroding steadily. They expect social conservatives to support them while at the same time trying to hound them out of the public square. Screw them. Let them lose. I hate Prentice but I’m not going to support the WRP anymore either.

    • Well done.

      • G

        Exile1981. I just followed your lead.

        I called my candidate (voice mail of course – actually talking to constituents is too much work). I told him if socons aren’t welcome then neither are their votes. I’m staying at home.
        If Prentice gets in oh well. If the PCs run the show I get profligate Liberals. If the WRP run the show I get cheapskate liberals.

        Oooooo “big difference”.

  • Mr_bigstuff

    I posted this on the Toronto Sun site and amazingly it has not yet been removed! It also has the most up votes so far-


    7 hours ago

    Ohhh the poor gays – Outraged again! The poor dears-
    I’m sick of this caving into this hateful intolerant bunch of heterophobes-
    What exactly did he say that was so outrageous?


  • Pontifex Maximus

    There is no political solution; the tree of liberty is parched!

  • c w

    I am hoping that in 10 years Ben Levin will be their guest speaker, but it will only be in 6 months.

  • simus1

    Most likely he was tossed not for what he wrote almost eight years ago but for “forgetting” to mention it upfront while being vetted as a candidate.