Yemen war puts 2015 crop at risk, food stocks shrink: U.N. agency

People fleeing Yemen arrive aboard a dhow at a the port of Djibouti after crossing the Gulf of Aden. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

(Reuters) – Conflict in Yemen is disrupting the crop planting season and threatens to create food shortages as the war-stricken country eats into its cereal reserves, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Wednesday.

Yemen’s cereal stocks stood at around 860,000 tonnes when Saudi-led air strikes against Iran-allied Houthi rebels started, enough for three to four months, FAO Assistant Director-General for North Africa and the Near East, Abdessalam Ould Ahmed, said.

The cereals were mostly wheat, but also included rice and maize, he said.

“We are very much concerned by the fact that this country may not be able to sustain imports while reserves of food are shrinking as conflict drags on,” Ould Ahmed said by telephone…

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Advance-of-HouthisMaps showing advance of Houthis (Shi’ites supported by Iran)